The eyes of Yachtview 360°

Inside the 170° wide angle Sony® cameras, a high-end DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) is at work that handles automatic day-night switching, white balance, and dynamic exposure correction via DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range – the contrast in illumination between sunny and shady spots at sea is an enormous challenge for cameras).

Specially double-IR coated camera optics with low focal width (for full field of view) are embedded in elaborately hand-crafted casings of extremely rugged, submarine-grade aluminum. The circuit board is completely encapsulated and the casing especially water-proofed. Using a high precision laser, each camera lense is gauged and construction-related distortions are corrected for in software. After installation on board, the cameras are calibrated to guarantee a distortion-free, highly accurate 360° image.

In addition, Yachtview 360° permits transmission of its 360° field of view images to mobile devices like iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ Smartphones & Tablets, PCs, TV Screens with Wifi® connector, etc.. In this way, both the skipper and crew members (e.g., a mooring crew) can easily follow a maneuver from different locations. The corresponding app even permits remote control of different views.