Yachtview 360°, a ViaLuna Group Swiss AG company, launched a revolutionary high end camera system for yachts in 2013. Yachtview 360° is the first camera system world wide providing a seamless 360° field of view in real time on a yacht from a bird's eye perspective. Designed for boat sizes from 45' to 300' (and larger on request), Yachtview 360° brings back the fun in navigation. Skippers can concentrate on what really matters even under difficult conditions, e.g., mooring, anchoring, maneuvering in harbor or other tight spots such as high traffic narrows. Get back control of your boat with the relevant real time information.

Yachtview 360° technology is a breakthrough in yachting industry. The number of accidents, collisions and other unforeseen situations - especially with chartered yachts - can be drastically reduced.

Developed in Switzerland, hand made in Germany

Research and development of Yachtview 360° is located in Switzerland. The production of casings is in the hands of the precision engineers of Glashütte in Germany, renowned since 1850 for nautical precision instruments. Yachtview 360° systems are produced in a perfect symbiosis of hand crafting, quality assurance, and high end technology.