The beginning of a new era
for mooring and complex maneuvers

The trail of success of high tech information systems in yachting is evident. Yet, the flood of information threatens to inundate a skipper: Decisions have become ever more difficult rather than being simplified. Yachtview 360° frees a skipper from unnecessary balast by filtering out only relevant information.

Yachtview 360° comprises at least four 170° wide angle cameras with Sony® HD processor, mounted discreetly close to position lights, fore and aft. From inside their handmade, rugged, and rustproof submarine-grade aluminum casings, they produce real time images from all sides of the boat from a bird's eye perspective, including the near surroundings. The high performance View Processing Unit (VPU) combines their single images into a 360° field of view around the yacht. Even the most current and luxurious cars from manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi & others cannot provide such an impressive surround view of their vehicles!

Yachtview 360° significantly simplifies decision making for a skipper, reduces stress, and thus improves the level of safety aboard. Even after testing the live system only once, you will not ever again want to miss the advantages this error-free visual assistant provides for mooring, anchoring, or navigation in harbors or heavy traffic, say, in the Strait of Gibraltar. Even in bad weather or lighting conditions, the system proves its strenghts: In a relaxed manner, the skipper can execute complex maneuvers from the comfort of the bridge without losing visual overview of his boat at any time.

Yachtview 360° is available in two versions. The Silver Edition with four cameras encased in brushed aluminum provides a 360° field of view. It is ideal for smaller yachts and charter fleets. The Platinum Edition with anodized aluminum camera casings comes with a more powerful CPU, larger memory, and additional functionality. The latter includes video functions to record those special moments, as well as black box functionality that archives the last fifteen minutes in high resolution. Older images are stored in lower resolution. In case of a collision or accident, these images can directly be sent to the appropriate insurance company. Both versions include a Wifi module for software update to ensure a future-proof investment.

Marine insurance companies show a high degree of interest in this innovation and are rather open-minded concerning (own damage claim) insurance rate reductions. This is due to the fact that the probability of such claims verifiably decreases. Thus, a return of investment may already be achieved even after only a single year.