View Processing Unit (VPU)
The brain of the Yachtview 360° system

The View Processing Unit (VPU) is, in essence, the brain of the Yachtview 360° system. It is built into a compact, rugged aluminum case containing no moving parts (to ensure correct function even in extreme conditions). The passive cooling of both the CPU, capable of processing 12.6 million pixels per second, and solid state disk memory is designed to permit correct operation of the VPU even under tropical conditions. The components are water-proofed and protected from atmospheric corrosion. The VPU provides connections via USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Ethernet, and a Wifi® module. Control is handled via mouse.

The beginning of a new era for mooring and complex maneuvers
According to marine insurance companies, 60% of all own damage claims are related to collisions and accidents during mooring or other, difficult maneuvers in port. The docking of a yacht produces - independent of the experience of the skipper - a high level of stress. In addition, adverse conditions due to wind, currents, or wash from other boats, increase the risk of collisions. More often than not, distance estimates from (inexperienced) crew members are misleading at best. But even smallest errors can cause a domino effect leading to costly consequences.

This is exactly where Yachtview 360° can prove its effectiveness. The VPU delivers the skipper a 360° field of view of his boat on the central display of the bridge (or flying bridge). The captain gets a holistic view showing at a single glance all the relevant details, like extent of the boat, piers, and other objects - including other boats, as well as people - in the water! From all sides and all angles. He is at the center of his boat, capable of controlling every inch of movement in real time, and thus able to immediately make decisions and take actions to prevent collisions. With Yachtview 360° aboard, start into a new era of ease instead of stress during mooring!